Get It. Give Back.

SWEAT FOR VETS is 30 days of workouts programmed by FitOps Grads (i.e. CVFOs) and celebrity guest coaches.

100% of the proceeds go straight back into the FitOps Foundation, supporting our shared mission to empower veterans after their time in the military through the power of fitness, health, service, and community.

The programs are $15, hosted by TrainHeroic.  Programs are accessible for 30 days after the original purchase date.

Give back while getting after your health and fitness goals!

JUNE’S COACHES: Chris Gronkowski and Mike Page

Swole Patrol: Summer Shred with Chris + Mike

This month’s Sweat For Vets program is a banger.  Army veteran, Homeland Security Officer, and Class 10 CVFO, Mike Page, and Entrepreneur & NFL Fullback, Chris Gronkowski, teamed up this month to get you shredded + swole.  

An incredible compilation of strategies to build strength and shred excess weight, the Swole Patrol has arrived to help you reach your goals.




Chris Gronkowski

In the middle of the 5 Brothers – Chris was a fullback in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.  After leaving the NFL Chris saw an opportunity in the drinkware space to create a bottle that would be perfect, not just for the gym & protein shakes, but for everyday.  He is the owner and CEO of Ice Shaker and works to help others live an active and healthy lifestyle.

“I try to do as much as I can to give back to our troops.  Playing football, we stayed on military bases during camp and made a bunch of military visits during the season.  The military life is very similar to that of an athlete, and I deeply respect the hard work that our troops are putting in each and every day.  I want to support the men and women that support this country and protect our freedoms”.

Chris and his family also own Gronk Fitness and G&G fitness and have been selling fitness equipment for over 30 years.



Mike Page
An Army Veteran and 20 year Government employee. I spent five years in the US Army and have currently been with Homeland Security for fifteen years. I have three kids and have coached all of them in sports. Growing up I have always had a love for sports. I have played baseball, football, and a few years back was playing on three softball teams a week! I love all aspects of fitness, but my go to is strength training. I love to get in there and see how much more I can add to the bar! I love going to fitness events and shows and seeing how far people have come in their journeys. My goal in a few years from now is to own my own gym. I currently have social media accounts that I focus on Positivity, Mental Health, weight training, and some good ole laughs. Since gaining my personal training certification from FitOps, I have started training my own clients hoping to be that voice they need to accomplish their fitness goals. FitOps reminded me that there is still a need for voices for Veterans, and I vow to be one! IGY6!!


Empowering veterans through purpose and the power of fitness, health, service, and community.

The FitOps Foundation is a Non-Profit 501c3 that gives veterans the drive, structure, and tools they need to discover their purpose after their time in the military through the power of fitness, health, service, and community.


Focusing on mental and physical health, the FitOps program is available to military veterans, active-duty military, and reservists. It builds upon the skills, leadership abilities, and physical training that they developed during their military service. Veterans graduate with an elite level Personal Training certification, designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFO).


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